The fastest starfish in the sea, a pirate ship, wild storm and a mystery!

The Great Watermelon Sled

A magical Grama shares her secrets for a gardening adventure!

BEElievable SNOW

New Book-Winter 2022-23. Visit SNOWBEE Blog for more!

TrekStir Children’s books were created for young emerging readers.

Our son, who inspires us to write funny, silly stories, is the creative force behind our children’s books. He continues to be our momentum builder as we come up with new characters or expand on ones that are just waiting to jump off the paper.


A story about a young starfish who is the fastest in the sea! She loves helping others and uses her quickness to make special things happen. Her motto is “Currents and Waves help Us Find Our Way”

The Great Watermelon Sled

A story about a young boy who gets to spend time with his fun-loving Grama discovering and planting a magical seed.

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