The Great Watermelon Sled

A story about a young boy who gets to spend time with his fun-loving Grama discovering and planting a magical seed. The surprise that takes place will delight all readers! Grama’s make ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!

View Online : The Great Watermelon Sled Local Author e-book mention Online til Feb 2018 at San Diego Public Library

TGWS: Full e-Pub available on Amazon


Latest Sketches & Updates

Fun new sketches and updates

TGWS SD Library Exhibit Online

2017: NEWS!: TGWS featured at the 51st Annual San Diego Local Author Exhibit! When: Sunday, January 29, 2017 - Tue , February 28, 2017 Where: Central Library

The Great Watermelon Sled SD Library Exhibit

2017:NEWS!: The Great Watermelon Sled featured at the 51st Annual San Diego Local Author Exhibit! KICK OFF - SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 2017, 2pm-4pm FREE & OPEN to the

The Great Watermelon Sled line drawing 2-Bee!

2 - Welcome to the BEE!  What a fun drawing to complete. I didn't have a chance to tell you that The Great Watermelon Sled loves Bees! We

The Great Watermelon Sled new line drawing has now been colorized

1 - We completed the first line sketch into a full color page! Creating this illustration page was a lot of fun and now we are excited to complete

The Great Watermelon Sled line drawing

1 - Welcome to the first line art drawing of The Great Watermelon Sled 2016 e-book! We will be colorizing and giving it some personality. So stay tuned

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