Our new short story written for the Camas Winter Stories was chosen by @ilovedowntowncamas as one of 12 stories to be featured by local authors!

Read the first half at their FB page https://www.facebook.com/downtowncamas/ and the ending is featured @cakehappynw on their storefront window at 340 NE 4th Ave. ENJOY!

Here is a small snippet of the story written by Noelle Jimenez:

The chilly wind blew his orchid colored scarf up around him catching his freezing tears as they drifted down his lonesome face. As shivers climbed up his back, his antennae drooped low next to his big lovely eyes and soft round head. He pitter pattered along the frost strewn leaf laden path not noticing anything but his woes when suddenly, OOF! BAMM! SPLAT! He tumbled ferociously head over heels spinning over and over landing hard on his back.

With the wind knocked out of him he lay sprawled across the snowy terrain, his delicate wings that were once tightly held to his back now displayed out flat behind him, his scarf wound tightly around his neck, his legs sprawled haphazardly in all directions. How could this day get any worse he thought. As he was trying to stop the spinning stars in his head a VERY large shadow suddenly appeared overhead blocking out the light from above.