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The Great Watermelon Sled

A story about a young boy who gets to spend time with his fun-loving Grama discovering and planting a magical seed. The surprise that takes place will delight all readers! Grama’s make ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!

Comic-con edition book and e-pub on Amazon!

The Great Watermelon Sled

Grandma’s make ordinary Extraordinary!

This version of the The Great Watermelon Sled is how we envisioned it to be years ago when we were developing our Windows Children’s Book Application TrekStir Lite in 2011 featuring this story. At that time we had to scale the story and our illustrations way back to a more vector base to keep within the size requirements for Windows phones. Back then it was created as a FREE children’s take-along book app that buzzed with the bees and narrated your way through the story, with voice over sounds and music. In 2016-2019 we revisited this book and finally got to produce the full story and illustrations in a children’s picture book. Enjoy this story of hope and the magic that is all around us in everyday life if we choose to see it…We’re sure you will agree some things are worth the time and the wait.
Click here to buy our Comic-con edition book or e-pub on Amazon!

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