Well Hello there! Here we are at ComicCon – This pic is so important to us, it was our first time featured in Artist Alley 2013. Do you see our TrekStir shirts?! Our son, who inspires us to write funny , silly stories, was a creative force behind the TrekStir Windows Book App back in 2011 and truly pushed us forward to e-pub status with our first book launch in 2012 and now the re-pub of our first book The Great Watermelon Sled in 2016 available on Amazon. He continues to be our momentum builder as we come up with new characters or expand on ones  that are just waiting to jump off the paper. Since this is a family project, we do it with love and a lot of laughter.  We thoroughly enjoy the colorful world of children’s stories. We promise to bring giggles, funny treks, and beautiful story telling imagery. Please join us on our funny adventures.

Whether your child/children are traveling to a relative’s house, visiting a friend, going on a doctor’s appointment, or just relaxing in their favorite place, they have a take along book that is “Stirring your imagination for the journey ahead…”.

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